Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Dane meets horse

A horse stands next to Princeton

When people see my Great Dane Princeton, they often say, “He’s as big as a horse!”

Well, a real live horse came to our local dog park recently, and guess what? The horse was a LOT bigger!

Princeton is used to being the biggest creature around, so at first he was scared to meet the horse. But both the horse and rider were very friendly.

They stopped right by the fence and the horse lowered her head to sniff the crowd of dogs that came to sniff at her. Later I took Princeton out on the leash so he could get "socialized" and learn to stay calm around a horse.

Everything that the horse owner said about training his horse was the same as how I trained Princeton. We both showed off how we can say the command "back" to make them step back, and “turn” to make them turn around.

A nice dog owner snapped a photo. As you can see, a Princeton is not really as big as a horse!