Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Great Dane turns 4 years old!

Princeton on his 4th birthday

  My Great Dane Princeton celebrated his 4th birthday on April 24 with a new Nylabone and new photos posted here. He’s still playful, but Princeton finally seems grown up -- like he doesn’t bark at everything that moves anymore. He figures out if it’s a friend or a stranger and acts accordingly. Yay! He likes to spend more time in the house close to his humans now, although he still prefers to spend a few hours a day alone in the backyard sunning himself, ready to bark at dogs and deliverymen who pass our home.

Birthday boy looking cute for the camera 

A year ago our Dane was still recovering from his river accident, but you can see from the photos that he is looking stronger and happier now. His paws are all healed and he can walk and run perfectly, although some toenails never grew back. (It makes clipping his nails easier!) Princeton has been a lot healthier this year because we stopped walking him off-leash at dog parks, rivers or anywhere else. He only gets super-durable toys. Life is probably more boring from Princeton’s perspective, but at least he is alive and safe. We still have a lot of fun around the house, in the backyard and on the leash.

Princeton on his 4th birthday, April 24,2012
Recommended by Princeton: Nylabone Dura Chew Bone, Original Flavor, Souper His favorite birthday present.