Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dane’s ears are flopped, but not cropped

Here's how Princeton likes to put his ears when it's hot. He does this all on his own! Maybe he feels a connection to his show-dog brothers with cropped ears.

Great Danes have natural floppy ears, but traditionally they have been cropped to make them stand up. Today many consider ear cropping to be cruel, and the American Kennel Club no longer requires cropped ears. Princeton’s breeder says that ear cropping requires weekly or bi-weekly re-wraps up to a year of age.

We plan to leave Princeton's ears natural. Then he can flip them and flop them whenever he likes.


Abbey said...

I have reader with a Dane

She and her partner have a Dane called Piper and they call this look gzumped (Ive probably got the word I think you'd like her blog KC

Chelsea also does the same with her ears, Ill be out and about thinking how handsome she looks, when I look down shes got her ears back just like Princeton. I think its kinda cute...

Ear cropping is illegal in Australia

KC said...

Thanks for the tip, Abbey! I just enjoyed my first visit to the Woman of Substance blog.