Monday, July 28, 2008

Perils of puppy-proofing the house

Sometimes Princeton looks so sweet and innocent

We’re struggling with how to manage our Great Dane puppy in the house. We tried to puppy-proof before Princeton arrived, but we had a lack of imagination. He gets into EVERYTHING whenever he is awake. For example:

We’ve had to fold our floor-length curtains over the curtain rod -- after he ripped a chunk out of them. This tactic includes the shower curtains.

Shoes must ALWAYS be kept up high or in a closet.

The same goes for throw pillows from the couch. These are a favorite target.

All books, coasters, etc. had to be removed from the coffee table. In fact, we had to move the coffee table because the puppy was chewing on that, too.

NEVER allow a table cloth to hang off the table, or a sheet to hang off the bed.

NEVER hang laundry on the clothes line, unless you want to wash it again.

NEVER leave the TV remote control on a chair or table, or you’ll end up chasing the dog instead of changing the channels.

Charge your cell phone at your own risk. Best to do it behind closed doors.

Putting a roll of toilet paper in the usual place is asking for trouble. Safer to put it way, way up high on a towel rack.

Electric cords? I was worried about that, but that’s one item that doesn’t interest our puppy, thank goodness.

Even the carpet isn’t safe! But what can we do?! I put a cookie sheet over the places where he has gnawed holes in the carpet. But mostly we say “no” and put him into a carpet-free zone until he settles down.

He’s getting taller every day, which gives him access to more places! Fortunately, as he grows, he’s also getting too big to get under the bed, under the gate, or into other small spaces where we will soon be able to hide our shoes, books, remote controls, cell phones, and other puppy magnets.


Lindsay said...

I still recommend getting a crate that will be big enough for Princeton as he grows. Maybe you have gotten one. It will be very, very handy to have him trained to stay in a place where he can't get into too much trouble.

KC said...

Yes, we do have a crate in the bedroom, and we keep Princeton in it at night, during nap-time and other times. But we want Princeton to spend time with us when we're in other parts of the house. We want to start teaching him proper house manners now. I don't want him to be too isolated during this critical socialization period before he's four months old.

We'll probably need a bigger crate if we want to continue using a crate when he's full grown. But letting him have the run of the house at night seems like it would give us more protection from intruders.

Anonymous said...

Oh KC, I just did a similar post. Like you I baby proofed and like you the pup seems to be one step ahead of me.

I seem to remember she had one period around Princetons age, then we had a break for a while and now she's started again.Books/paper pillows are her favourite. I remember the blog I gave you the address for, Piper ate her mobile phone...

It is frustrating, and I just sat among the ruins one day and cried. I keep hanging on to the fact it passes.I dont use a crate but I have baby gates to seal off rooms so she can see me. This is especially good when visitors come. I have seen one woman who had a 'Wendy House'

Chels has all the chew toys, bones. For her its not a teething thing but a boredom one, so Ive up'd her exercise.

I have the same thoughts with protection but Chels sleeps near me. As she is the only Dane in town and we are seen around alot I figure its a dumb burgular who comes here. Truth be known she hasnt an aggressive bone in her body but her sheer size is intimidating.

I agree with wanting to have Princeton as part of the family, and it just takes time and a big wack of patience to get him there. Im thinking of you KC, cause across the ocean we're doing the same.