Saturday, July 12, 2008

We got a Great Dane puppy!

Big, happy news: We got a Great Dane puppy!

His name is Princeton. He’s 8 weeks old and cuter than cute.

Princeton is an AKC-registered purebred Great Dane with many champions in his pedigree, including his grandfather, a big European champion from Poland.

His coloring is known as “merle mantle.”

We got him from a breeder who lives a couple of hours away. Today she brought some puppies to ship out of LAX airport, and we met her there and got Princeton.

He's very sweet and seems to be getting along with the kitty already, but he's afraid of the two Chihuahuas next door -- they bark every time we go out.

It’s amazing to spend time with a being who is so young… so small and everything is new to them. Our little prince.

Uh-oh, he woke up! Gotta go make sure he doesn't chew on something dangerous and take him out for a potty break.


Anonymous said...

Awe, he's a charmer...I love his markings... Chels was 9 weeks when we got her, and what a canine's not a barker either... Chels (and I think most Danes) can be timid, so at Princetons age I was taking Chels everywhere to get her used to sight sounds and people....Congrats on your new pup, hes absolutely gorgeous

Lindsay said...

Princeton and I have the same birthday! Thanks for the link. I did love your old blog and I'm excited to hear about your new adventures with Princeton. Good luck with the pup!

K9 Amiga said...

hes absolutely gorgeous, and i know what you mean about being awed by how young they are, how malleable and open and curious and vulnerable

best of luck, hope its a great adventure

KC said...

Thanks for all your good wishes!

Michelle said...

He's so cute!! Thanks for the link to the new blog.