Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dane pup LOVES beach -- great photos

Princeton loves his first day at the beach

Our Great Dane pup loved his first day at the beach. We took Princeton to a “Great Dane Meet-Up” there. It’s where Great Dane owners meet online and agree to get together at a specific time and place -- in this case, Huntington Dog Beach. There were 7 Great Danes there. Princeton was quickly nicknamed “the Baby” because he was much younger than any of the other Danes. They were all at least 3 years old, and not nearly as playful as “the Baby.”

Sizewise, Princeton fit right in. He was about the same height as the full-grown females, and an inch or two shorter than the full-grown males. Lots of people looked at his big old feet and exclaimed, “He’s going to be HUGE!” I think it was a Dane-lovers’ way of complimenting him. According to Dane growth charts, he is exactly average for a Great Dane. Princeton spent most of the time running around with younger dogs of other breeds. We took lots of photos

Princeton makes friends with a Harlequin

Princeton runs like the wind along with waves with a Labrador Retriever

Happy dog


Go, go, go!

Sea, sand, surf, and dog... an unforgettable day


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Dat wooks wike sooo much funn!! We wish there were Dane meet-ups around here. Where did you learn about yours?

Gus and Waldo

Mrs. Simonsays said...

Yes, a dane owner would receive the "huge" remark as a compliment for sure, but if someone said it me I would cry later. LOL