Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giant dog, small car

Princeton fills the back seat of our compact car
People are shocked when they see my giant Great Dane Princeton riding in my small Honda Civic.

“Get a bigger car!” is a common joke from people who see us coming and going from the dog park.

Princeton doesn’t seem to mind. He likes having the whole back seat. He seems to enjoy riding back there, hooked to the seat belt with a doggy car harness for safety.

He often rests his snout on my shoulder while I drive!


PS in 2016:

Even at 8 years old, Princeton tends to bark and lunge during car rides when we pass another dog or a skateboard. Car rides with our Great Dane are made possible by a car harness that attaches to the seat belt for safety and a blindfold called a "Calming Cap".


Lindsay said...

That's adorable! I have a friend with a dane who can actually fit her into her mini cooper. It's definitely a sight!

MurphyDog said...

Mom used to have 2 Great Danes and a Honda Civic. Her's was a hatchback, and the Danes learned really fast to lay down as soon as they got moving..otherwise she couldn't see!

She say's they both did love stickin their heads out the sunroof though.

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Pink Turtle said...

Your big boy looks so cute!

Tucker said...

My Momma has a Corolla and my Dad has a big 4 door truck. I much prefer the Corolla. The whole backseat has been extended just for me.

woof - Tucker

My Sons Mum said...

Hey Princeton, hope ur outa the car now, Im sure wherever you were going was fun anyway
Ruf ruf

Leah said...

Its amazing how small they can make themselves when they want to! I can't seem to make it through my kitchen without bumping into Danes, yet they can curl up into the smallest ball in order to get into that tiny remaining spot on the couch.