Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy birthday! Princeton is 3 years old

Princeton struck a pose on his birthday.  A real 3-year-old charmer!

Our Great Dane Princeton celebrated his third birthday recently. He is doing great!

He still LOVES to play, but he is more mature about it. He stopped pulling pillows off the couch and hardly ever gets mouthy anymore. He seems to understand almost every word that we say!

This was a tough year for Princeton. There were times when we didn’t think he would make it to his third birthday. He slipped and fell in a cement-lined creek, and severely injured his toenails by clawing his way out. They got badly infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It took 3-1/2 months to nurse him back to health. I learned more than I ever thought I would about canine nail infections and osteomyletis. Now he’s finally healthy and frisky again, but it looks like some of his claws will never grow back.

Now that he’s all grown up, Princeton has an almost human look in his eyes sometimes. As one of our friends said, “I can see that there’s a beautiful spirit inside.”

I’m grateful to have Princeton in my life!

Princeton’s paw with missing toenail

Princeton’s beautiful spirit shows in his eyes on his 3rd birthday


Lindsay said...

Happy birthday Princeton!! That's really scary about the toe nail bacteria, but glad to hear that all is well! You guys should blog more.:0)

brooke said...

happy 3rd birthday Princeton!
Im sorry to hear his 2nd year was a tough one, but hopefully that means his 3rd year will be the best!