Monday, September 8, 2008

Dane pup digs a BIG mess in mud

My 4-month-old merle Great Dane puppy made a BIG mess digging in the mud. His favorite hole was full of water and he was trying to dig out the water. His paws, which are pure white, were black with mud. I managed to capture it on video. After I recorded this, he ran in the house and got mud everywhere!

It all began when I made the mistake of watering the lawn a few feet away from my puppy’s favorite hole. I was careful NOT to get the hole itself wet at all… but I forgot that water travels underground to the lowest place. I heard a strange splashing sound and turned around to see Princeton digging frantically in a muddy hole full of water.

For a moment I was frozen in shock. All four of his white paws were knee-deep in dark mud. I thought: “I’ll never water like that again!” And: “I wish my family could see this!” Suddenly I remembered my video camera. I ran for it and recorded this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime mess.

I got some great video shots. And then suddenly Princeton took off and ran toward the house. I was so busy with the video camera that I had forgotten to shut the door! He ran inside and left muddy pawprints everywhere!

Click here for another video of my mud-puppy.


Anonymous said...

Chels is so much the same as Princeton...she loves mud! sliding, hopping jumping makes walking in the rain a task...

Lucky Chels is black, unlike your baby with his white paws... I just said the other day my house has never been cleaner...Im one step ahead of Chels or two behind with a mop...great Vid

Michalea said...

If it had been the Reese-o-potmus, who is mostly white, she would have concluded the session by rolling on her back in the mud to ensure maximum coverage.