Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shark attack by Dane pup

Princeton, aka “Sharkey,” loves to bite the hand that feeds him. Here he is greeting my dear friend from Texas that I hadn’t seen in years. Within minutes of her arrival, she got a shark attack from Princeton. Fortunately she is has two Danes herself, although a grown Dane is not quite the same animal as a Dane pup. I heard her tell Princeton, “You’re the first hyper Dane I’ve met.”

Too late for our friend’s visit, we FINALLY found an effective antidote for the shark attacks: mint breath spray. Our puppy kindergarten teacher recommended it, and it transformed Princeton’s behavior instantly.

The first few times we sprayed him, he had a totally shocked look as if to say, “You mean you don’t LIKE being bitten?!!” It made me realize that all our seemingly nonstop efforts to say “no,” ignore him, rattle coins, distract him, etc etc had made zero impression on him. The shark repellent that we bought is called Sweet Breath. Boy, it IS sweet to be able to pet the tamed shark with having him sink his sharp little baby teeth into me.


Michalea said...

Breath mint. Hmmm. I wonder if it works on other sorts of dane behavior? Like incessant demands for biscuits? I'll have to share this with my neighbor who has a baby blue dane.

KC said...

Yes, the breath mint works on Princeton's other naughty behaviors. But we reserve it for only the worst offenses. It's easiest to use when he's about to bite because his mouth is wide open. Sometimes we don't even have to spray it. Just the threat of it settles him down.

Lindsay said...

Man, Princeton has gotten BIG already. I'm glad that spray really worked to stop the biting.