Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dane pup quadruples in size

Our Dane pup has quadrupled in size since we got him two months ago. Here he is resting with his Harlequin pillow. He can’t fit on top of it anymore!

I took these photos today for comparison with the shot of him sleeping on top of the same pillow in my last post.

He posed nicely showing off his two-tone eyes and almost-black nose. His nose was pink when he was born, and half-pink when he came to us. The black spots just keep growing bigger as he grows.

Who can resist this cute face?


Irene said...

Pretty soon his little nose will be totally black... I was so sad when that happened to our Merle, Vedo... and our Merle before that, Brutus.

We now have 3 Danes and couldn't be happier.

Princeton is beautiful! Congrats.

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

I found your blog through danes down under, who I found at all about great Your stories are soo cute! I have a 20-week old merle puppy myself! I look forward to reading more about your new baby. :)
I just started my own blog about my two boys.
I have a lot of the same type of stories you have!

KC said...

Irene, that’s funny, because I’ve been looking forward to when Princeton’s nose becomes totally black! Every morning I check his nose and teeth and tell him that he’s turning into a big boy and a “black-nose dog” with “big-boy teeth.” Our vet warned us that his pink nose could get sunburned, so that was a worry. I suppose that I will look back and miss his baby pink nose.

Allison, I enjoyed visiting your blog, and you’re right that we have similar stories about our merle “boys” who are about the same age. I just added you to my list of favorite blogs. Sometimes I wish we had two dogs, but just one Dane pup is almost more than we can handle!

Lindsay said...

He is such a pretty dane. I love his markings.