Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dane pup loves rolling in grass

My Great Dane puppy loves to roll in grass. Whenever we come across a lush green lawn (not often in drought-plagued LA), he pulls the leash so he can go roll in it.

He also likes plants and flowers -- sniffing them and chewing them. I was worried because he was eating dandelions and other flowers in our yard, so I took some samples to our vet to make sure they weren’t poisonous.

The vet was amazed by my baggie full of blossoms. “He likes flowers!” the vet marveled. Apparently most puppies are more interested in chewing shoes and stinkier stuff. The good news is that the flowers were non-toxic.

This video shows him rolling on our lawn while California songbirds chirp and twitter. Click here for more videos of Princeton.

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Lindsay said...

That's cute how he rolls in the grass. That's what my dog does when he's feeling really goofy.