Friday, August 15, 2008

Puppy makes music with toy

Princeton makes the sunflower sing

Princeton got at a special toy of mine: a plush sunflower that plays “You Are My Sunshine” when you squeeze the leaf. Princeton loved it!

He has lots of plush animal toys that squeak when he bites them, but this is the only one that plays a whole song! Boy, was he surprised the first time he bit down and it started making music! He probably bit down too hard because the song is starting to sound out of tune. Here’s a photo.


Anonymous said...

I love this pic, has to better than toys with squeakers. Chels just shreds them till she gets the squeaker out

KC said...

Thanks, Abbey. Princeton hasn't shredded any of his toys yet. The same cannot be said for MY toys -- he did shred my favorite pillow! He has worn out one of the squeakers by squeezing it over and over, too.