Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Natural cure helps sick Dane

Here’s Princeton looking like a vulture while he waits for me to fix his food

I highly recommend a set of natural supplements that are helping my Great Dane puppy Princeton with his health.

He had three bouts of diarrhea soon after we got him. The vet put him on antibiotics and worming medicine three times, but the problem kept returning -- until we tried the Giardia Program developed by Linda Arndt, fondly known as “the Great Dane Lady.” She’s a canine nutritional consultant who bred Great Danes for about 30 years.

Under the Great Dane Lady’s program, Princeton has gone for more than a month without diarrhea -- a record for our puppy. The supplements include probiotics, digestive enzymes and anti-parasitic herbs.

Check out GreatDaneLady.com for lots of valuable info about all things Dane. Even though she’s called “the Great Dane Lady,” I expect that these supplements would work for other dog breeds, too. Some are even suitable for human consumption!


Michalea said...

He's getting bigger with every picture.

Abz-Chelsea said...

Glad Princeton is perked up, I tend to go natural with Chels..pureed pumpkin is sposed to work...I grate pumpkin in all chelseas meals and she tends to be fine